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Zach Grace

Client Success Agent


Is homework worthwhile?

There’s a huge debate about homework and whether it helps kids learn during the school year. But everyone agrees that homework can take lots of time. The most commonly accepted guidelines recommend one hour for middle school and two hours for high school. However, I think this amount of time on homework every day can be too much.

Reduce parents’ anxiety during the pandemic

To understand the amount of school support parents received during this transition, we asked about the ease and frequency of contact from their child’s school and whether they felt overwhelmed by their responsibilities to help with their child’s schoolwork. Interestingly, parents who reported high levels of school support also reported having more routines and feeling less chaos in their homes. It may be that school systems, even when students are learning remotely, can help create structure for families, and this has a positive impact on parents’ well-being. However, schools can do only so much. For parents dealing with significant stress associated with the pandemic, school support might not be a sufficient buffer from anxiety and depression.

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